B2B Sales Tip

It is always easier and often more profitable to sell to your existing customers.

Ask yourself – “Do all of your customers know all of the products and services that you provide?”

A simple technique to test this is called “Gap Analysis”

Set up a worksheet as follows

  1. List the top 20% of your customers on the left-hand column of the page.
  2. List your main products and services (or groups thereof) across the top of the sheet.
  3. Insert the value of sales over a given period for that product and customer at the intersection of the name and product.
  4. Gaps will appear. This will give you products and services to target to sell to your existing customers.

 Keep in mind that your sales people will sell mostly to customers they like and they will sell products and services that they are most comfortable with. This can be one of the reasons that gaps appear in the first place.

Using this simple tool, you will be able to increase your sales to your existing customers. It also gives you specifics to discuss with your sales team.

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