As we emerge into a new normal – which is here to stay – it is even more important that we can communicate effectively with the stakeholders in our businesses.
In Action we define Communication as “The response we get”. What we are receiving back from people we are communicating with is what we have communicated.
This is a way for all of us to take responsibility for our communication.
There are a number of tools available to us to help us to be more effective in our communication.
One of these is Personal Style Analysis or DISC analysis.
Everyone has a preferred communication style. This was first documented by Hippocrates (460-370 BC). We can improve our ability to communicate effectively by understanding our own preferred communication style, and those of others. … The way we communicate is largely determined by our personality type.
There are 4 main communication styles.  Most people have a blend of these 4 styles with one or two styles dominating the way we communicate.
It is important to know what our own communication style is.
After we understand our own communication style,  it is important to learn how to recognise the different styles of the people we are communicating with so that we can adjust our style of communication to ensure that “the response we get” is what we were seeking.
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