Many business owners start up a business and at the start they do all the tasks that are necessary to make their business a success.

Early on it is useful to make a list of the tasks you like AND are good at.

The other tasks – that are necessary to be completed – should be delegated to other team members who are good at, and like, these other tasks.

If you persist in completing tasks you do not like and are not good at, the tasks will take much longer to complete than they should and reduce the profits it is possible for you to make.

If yours is a small business, these unwanted tasks should be sub-contracted out.

Focussing on the tasks you are good at and Like will allow you to complete your work more efficiently and quickly.

The other tasks also get done efficiently and quickly. Overall your business will be more profitable and enjoyable.

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#WednesdayWisdom - Delegation

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