Getting Your Time Back

A path to earning more money from your business

Many small business owners are time poor. Worse still they are making a lot less money than they thought they would when starting up their own business.
How we use our time can be directly related to how much money we make as business owners.
So how do you get your time back?
Measure what you are doing with your time over 3 main tasks. i) This will usually take just a week. What is the stuff you are doing that will make you money in the near term? ii) What is the stuff you are doing that will make you money in the medium term? iii) What is the stuff you are doing?
Set a target for the amount of money you want to take out of your business – say €100,000. Break this down to an hourly rate – on a 48 week year at 50 hours per week will work out at a bit more than €40 per hour. You should delegate/contract out any tasks you can get done for less than €40 per hour (otherwise how can you possibly get €100k out of your business?)
Prioritise your day to carrying out tasks valued at more than €40 per hour – typically these are sales related tasks.
Systemise your business with a “How To” manual to get more time back while being sure that your business is delivering consistently to your customers.
If you would like to find out how to do this in your business send me an e-mail or a text with your question.

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