Developing and supporting wealth creation is like making a 3 – legged stool.
How to become wealthy in 10 years:
  1. Your business is to generate predictable cashflow. Working with your business coach this can be achieved by virtually any business owner who wants to grow and is open to change and learning. And yes, you need to have the discipline to work. Working hard is rarely a challenge for most business owners – working S.M.A.R.T. is what you will learn how to do with your coach.
  2. Invest in property. Learn how to invest properly with a property coach – invest for positive cash flow using the cash generated by your business. Learn how to access both bank and other funding sources. Investing in property is all about having access to funds – there are always good property deals available.
  3. Invest in shares. The safest way for a business owner to invest in shares over the medium to long term is to invest through your pension. Get a good financial adviser to help you to balance your investments.
So, these are the 3 legs of your wealth stool.  These 3 legs support a platform made of a clear goal for you to become wealthy.
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