Often we found ourselfs thinking, “I could do with more business (sales) or get higher margins”.
If you want to get better results. Like with many other things in live (diets, health, working out,…) you need to start measuring.
The first step to Increase your business sales and profitability is measuring on regular basis.
Here are the 5 key numbers you should look at and keep track.
  1. How many leads you are getting every week?
  2. What is your conversion rate from leads to sales?
  3. How often do your customers buy from you?
  4. What do your customers spend with you on average each time they buy?
  5. What is your percentage of gross profit on each sale?
Working on each one of these numbers will allow you to increase your sales and profitability in a systematic way.
This is part of the process when working with a Business Coach from ActionCoach.