WednesdayWisdom – Improve your team’s performance with daily huddles.

In business, like in personal life, we often have the impression that we communicate well because we are talking to each other at all times. However effective communication is not just about talking.

Daily Huddles are a tool (a meeting) that help our teams to communicate more efficiently and to sync up quickly on the day to day.

One of the benefits of daily huddles is that we get sorted small issues before they become too big and challenging.

In general the best format to have a daily team huddle is standing up with your team on your office or meeting room. This way is easier to keep it short and go straight to the point so at the end of it everyone knows “what’s the story” and what to do next. However since covid, more and more teams work remotely and still manage to organize them efficiently through video call while they have a cup of coffee (or tea).

At this stage you must be wondering, How long it should be? How should it be structure?

As mentioned already it should be a quick meeting since we are doing it daily. Depending on your team and the day it could last between 5 to 15 minutes.

They way to approach it is simple. The goal is to gather information from the team asking the following questions:

  • What´s up? What is everyone working on currently?
  • How are we doing in terms of KPIs? Results, for example how close or far are we to hit the forecast, leads generated, etc.
  • Any issue? is anyone stuck with anything? It is a great opportunity for team members to raise up their hands when something is delaying.

It is that SIMPLE! However depending on the area of business or your situation you might need some help. If you have any questions regarding how to use this tool, please get in touch!