Limiting Beliefs About Sales

It is interesting to note that there are many university courses around the world for marketing and virtually none for sales on its own.

Why is this?

Many millions of Euros, dollars etc. are spent by corporations on training to improve their salesforces’ sales skills yet academia turns its back of teaching sales.

Sales tends to have a negative place in many people’s minds.

Test your beliefs around sales by following this exercise:

A sales person is going to call to your house tomorrow – write down the first 3 words that come into your mind.


About 70% – 80% of people in sales will write down 3 negative words in response to the exercise!

How do you think negative beliefs about sales impacts on your salesforce’s ability to maximise sales?

What Can You Do to Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs About Sales?

  1. Recognise that your salesforce will have some limiting beliefs about sales. (by the way – everyone in your company is involved in sales).


  1. Make sure that everyone in your company knows what you are selling in terms of benefits to your customers – unless you are carrying out regular customer surveys, you will not know what you are selling (hint: it is not your product or service).


  1. Work on building a positive culture around sales throughout your company – remember that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Get your culture right and the strategies will flow.


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