Many businesses are having to change how they do business, how they communicate with their stakeholders and even change the product and services they provide.
A new phrase has been coined to name this process – Pivot your business!
As we are all aware, this has been necessary because of the fundamental change in our global environment.
Obvious examples of this are:
  1. Clothes manufacturers producing PPE
  2. Distillers manufacturing sanitizer
  3. New distributors of PPE having to be sure that the products they distribute are properly certified.
  4. Car makers producing ventilators
  5. All businesses having to improve their on-line presence and delivery systems
It is becoming clearer that we are not going to return to the “Normal” business environment we had before this pandemic. Many changes will be incorporated into our “New Normal”
business environment as restrictions are very gradually lifted. Even after restrictions are lifted, it is most likely that our customers’ needs will have changed.
It is crucial to take time to pivot your business to survive and thrive in our New Normal environment.
A key action you can take immediately is to contact all of your stakeholders and find out what has changed for them – what is important to them now.
With this information, review your business to understand what it is you need to do to meet the changed needs of your stakeholders.
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