The most successful people on the planet have written goals – short-term, medium-term and long-term.
Their written goals are for their personal life and their business. They regularly monitor where they are on their journey to achieving their goals.
The interesting thing is that a tiny minority of people set written goals and monitor them in a manner that leads them to success.
Our formula for success is:
Dreams x Goals x Learning x Plan x Action = Success
Today we are looking at setting goals.
  1. Do an audit of where you are at with your life and your business.
  2. Write a list these things down on a spreadsheet in no particular order.
  3. So under personal put health, romance, relationships, travel, happiness, spirituality – Google the Wheel of Life for your inspiration.
  4. Under business: work/life balance, cash in the bank, budgets for the future, culture, vision, mission, team, systems, ideal customers, ideal suppliers etc.
  5. Set the goal you want to have under each of these headings in 5 years time.
  6. The break down what needs to happen/actions that need to be taken by whom and by when in the next 90 days for you to progress on your journey to achieving these goals
  7. Your 5 year goals should be broken down into 20 x 90 day goals over the next 5 years on your spreadsheet
  8. These 20 x 90 day goals need to be aligned and updated as you move forward.
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