We know the answers – what we don’t know are the questions. Alan Pease does some great teachings on this topic as it relates to closing sales.
The most successful businesses and people are constantly asking themselves questions on how they can do better.
Not just surface questions – keep digging down.  Keep asking yourself questions around whichever area you are looking to improve.
Encourage everyone with a stake in your business to ask questions and make suggestions.
Be sure to make it safe for people to ask you questions and/or make comments.
Let it be known that you do not judge anyone’s questions or comments.
You may or may not be able to get something from these questions – it doesn’t matter.
It is much harder to come up with great ideas than it is to knock them back.
We can be good at saying what we should have done in the past – which is of little use.
Make yourself 10 years older and start asking your future self what you should be doing now and in the run up to being 10 years older.
If you need guidance on this process, get in touch!