WednesdayWisdom - What is the most important question to ask your prospects - Kevin Business Coaching

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Today I want to talk you about the most important question to ask a prospect.

This is going to help you to professionally help your prospects to buy. Nobody like to be sold but the like to buy.

The KEY QUESTION is What is important to you about whatever the product or service you offer?

Once you have asked this question is important to dive down. Often you will find they respond “price is important to me”… Then you should say yes, we are going to be competitive, but what else is important to you. Find out how your products or services could help them to achieve their goals.

Carry on with your presentation and at the end ask the question again. Say, “at the start you said this list of things are important to you. Have we covered what is important to you? Can you see how these products/services can help you?”

When you have done that, it will help you to increase your conversion rate with your prospects by a huge amount.

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