WednesdayWisdom – What is Your Level of Self-Worth?

Why do some people have higher levels of income and wealth than others?
We can make all sorts of excuses that they were lucky, wealth was given to them etc.
We all know of stories of people winning the lotto and ending up broke in several years or people inheriting wealth and squandering it.
The reason some people have a higher income and/or wealth is more fundamental.
We all have a sense of what we are worth – a level of income and/or wealth that is “OK” for us.
If our income/wealth falls more than 10% below our level of self-worth, we take scrambling activity to get back up to what we perceive as what we are worth.
Interestingly, if our income/wealth rise more than 10% above our perception of self-worth, we embark on sabotage activity to get back down to our perception of our self-worth.
To become wealthier and/or increase our income in a sustainable way, we must first address our perception of our level of self-worth.
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