We have been talking about critical numbers to know in your business to enable you to increase your sales and profitability.
We have spoken about:
  1. Knowing how many and where your leads are coming from
  2. Measuring your conversion rate on each type of lead with further analysis by sales person and/or shift.
  3. Knowing how many customers you have and how often they are buying from you
The fourth critical number for you to know is how much your customers are spending with you on average – your Average Sale.
These 4 numbers when multiplied together will give you your sales number.
By measuring your critical numbers at each stage, you can develop many strategies to increase them.
Implementing the right strategies at each stage will result in a massive increase in your sales!
You may have thousands of products, ranging from low value to high value items – that is fine. It is increasing the average sale that we are interested in.
A further analysis of your average sale by number of units by their average price will give further vital information around how well your sales force is engaging with your customers.
To find out how these critical numbers will work in your business, contact me at:
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